Quest 2022 Timelines

Check out the process steps and dates


23rd May 2022, 17:00 hrs
Announcement for applications
  • The Applicant will be required to submit an online application.
  • Only online applications will be accepted. No email/hard copies will be considered.
  • Preliminary assessments and compliance checks will be conducted on all completed applications. Incomplete applications will not be considered eligible.
14th June 2022
Grant-writing workshop for applicants

The workshop will address any queries or clarifications. Register here:

10th July 2022
Submission deadline

Submit detailed application form along with budget, project timelines, and other details.

15th July 2022
1st Shortlist

Intimation to shortlisted applicants with details of virtual presentation to an independent evaluation panel.

20th July 2022
2nd Shortlist

Intimation to the shortlisted applicants from the earlier round to submit further information and supporting documents.

1st - 4th August 2022*
Virtual Presentations

Virtual presentations to independent expert panel


16th August - 30th September 2022
Internal due diligence and approval process

Due diligence of operations, technical details, and a third-party financial audit of the awardee will be conducted. Satisfactory completion of the same is mandatory for issuance of the award letter.